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Strong Beginnings:

Acknowledged Financial Expectations

The key to non-adversarial prenuptial financial agreements is found at the core of the relationship itself.  When two people have a strong desire to partner there are financial expectations. Declaring and acknowledging expectations is the foundation for prenuptial agreement. 

Too often prospective partners believe that financial discussion and disclosure pales the glow of love.  However, personal finances are part of the business of marriage.  If, a prenuptial relationship cannot endure full disclosure of financial behavior, intentions' and expectations the glow of love might easily be extinguished by financial reality of marriage. 

Prenuptial financial counseling can help couples evaluate the impending financial life partnership, assess the financial risks and benefits, and facilitate an acknowledgement of expectations.  Clients can then determine the level of need to formalize their agreement with the professional legal counsel of an attorney.

Process: Facilitated meetings

Final Product: Acknowledgement of financial concerns and an appropriate plan for addressing those concerns; which may include a formal agreement prepared by legal counsel.

Fee: $150 Hour

Make A Plan That Strengthens Partnership!