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Divorce Settlement - Focus On The Future

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The termination of a life partnership can be emotionally and financially devastating.  All the dreams and expectations fortified by a life partnership must be sorted through and divvied up, collapsing the marital plan.  The sense of urgency to close wounds and begin healing can be a powerful force of poor judgment.  Hasty negotiations ending in quick settlement agreements may leave one party financially devastated while the other has adequate resources to continue and prosper. Inappropriate settlement distributions may:


  • Restrict income flow and force the premature sale of valuable appreciating assets.
  • Create tax problems.
  • Inappropriately allocate retirement savings
  • Appeal to the emotional needs and undermine financial best interest.

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Practical Divorce, A Mediation Process  


It is the role of a divorce financial analyst to assist and advocate in developing an equitable financial settlement. Even the most basic service of assisting clients in filling out a financial affidavit can make a significant difference in outcome of a settlement agreement.  Equitable settlements include: setting realistic assumptions and expectations, generating cash flow projections, assessing retirement and healthcare, and structuring an agreement that addresses the financial issues and the financial best interest of the client.

As a fee only financial counselor and advocate the value added is an emphasis on structuring a settlement that best fits the needs, values, priorities, and capacity of the client. An advocate has no vested interest in prolonging the process or securing assets for future management.