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Check Your Credit: Free

  • Check Your Credit:
    It’s the best protection against identity theft

    Use this link to the Fair Trade Commission, Free Credit Report , which will lead to the legitimate source for

    acquiring copies of your free annual credit report from each of the three major credit bureaus.   

    I recommend running one and reviewing all details carefully. 


    • If you find any inaccuracies contact the credit bureau and report discrepancies.


    • Check for inquiries you did not authorize. 


    • If there are open credit accounts you no longer use, close them.  


    Use one free report in January and repeat the process, using one of the other 2 bureaus,

    mid year or in the event you have concerns about any credit issues.  


    The link address is:

New Credit Card Regulations
  • ICFE - New Credit Card Regulations
    Institute of Consumer Financial Education: Website and Publication: The Federal Reserve's new rules for credit card companies mean new credit card protections for you

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Marriage and Family Financial Partnerships
  • Prenuptial and Divorce Counseling and Advocacy

    Financial Partnerships

    The Business of Marriage

    All couples considering life partnership must take seriously financial compatibility and mutual expectations; never assume there is an understanding unless there is a clearly stated and acknowledged agreement. The agreement can be verbal, is best written, and if necessary a legal contract drawn up by an attorney.  Two power tools for entering a life partnership are; a first year financial plan with an emphasis on establishing a strong partnership and prenuptial agreements (when appropriate).


    Marriage and Domestic Partnerships are complex relationships with unique blends of emotional, spiritual, legal, and financial bonds.  Establishing, sustaining, or terminating these relationships requires extraordinary capacity and skill in order to find satisfying and equitable balance.


    There are two types of contracts inherent in marriage and domestic partnership, legal/financial and emotional/spiritual. While there are incalculable overlaps it is possible to separate the two contracts in order to address the fundamental issues in each. The euphoria of love and despair of divorce often skews personal judgment regarding the financial terms of marriage and divorce. Issues of separate property, wealth accumulation, income capacity, debt, career opportunities, inheritance, marital expectation, and life style are all part of the business of life partnerships.