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Divorce Financial Services
  • Divorce Financial Analysis Services for Divorce Professionals and Their Clients
    We offer impartial financial information management, analysis, and reporting services to divorce professionals and their clients. There exists no individual relationship, personal or professional, with clients of any transaction. There exists no vested interest in settlement outcomes. We do not manage assets or provide financial products. The scope of our financial support services will be determined by the clients and/or their advisers. Services may include post settlement financial counseling for the purpose of developing the necessary skills required to instill financial confidence and competence. However, it is not the objective of our professional agreement.
  • Divorce Mediation
    Divorce is not just about the money: The Practical Divorce mediation process includes all the necessary steps to provide a thorough, gentle, no nonsense approach to divorce settlement. An emphasis on incremental agreements provides the foundation for both parties to negotiate with confidence.