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The First Year Plan


The first financial plan new partners require is a short term, one year plan. The first year of partnering is filled with experimentation. It’s not unusual for new partners, feeling optimistic and financially strengthened, to make some unplanned and sometimes unfortunate financial decisions.  Making a plan for the first year also promotes inter-connective financial responsibility and behavior.  The three part emphasis of a first year financial plan is:


  1. Disclosure 
  2. Cash Flow
  3. Joint Venture

A short term plan provides valuable experience for new partners to test financial skill levels, identify patterns of financial behavior, define financial values and priorities, and prepare for the opportunity to make a meaningful long term plan. 


Process: two; 1 1/2 hour in person meetings and two administrative hours.


Final Product: Thorough disclosure of each partners financial history and current situation. And, a plan for managing shared personal finances for the first year of marriage.


Fee: $500