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Terrific Interactive Tools

Make a Meaningful Plan!

These tools were created by Susan Hammitt, AFC, CDFA.

They are intended to be easy to use, interactive planning tools. Right click on the icon and copy the excel sheet to your computer. The first step in building a great plan is considering many options.  Refer to these tools for testing your assumptions!

Retirement Income Calculator - Planning for Personal Financial Sustainability

 Ten years in advance and continuing throughout retirement, use this simple calculator annually to determine income you may expect based on your available assets.  Personal Financial Sustainability in Retirement is balance between assets available to fund income and income requirements.  Using this simple comparison table provides an opportunity to make conscience decisions regarding the critical balance between investment strategies and lifestyle choices.

Download Personal Financial Sustainability Income From Assets Calculator.xls

Goals Worksheet

The foundation for any financial plan is clearly defined goals.  Remember, if everything is important, nothing is important.


Begin by determining the time frame for three categories of goals: short, mid and long-term.   For some people a short term goal is one day, mid term is a month and long term is a year.  For most people short term is somewhere between six months and two years, mid term is between two and ten years, and long term is fifteen years or more. 


Next come up with a maximum of three genuine goals for each category. This is intended to establish goals to which you (and your partner) are able to jointly commit. Limiting the number of goals, three in each category, helps focus on the most significant priorities.


Financial goals are subject to change. The key is making conscious changes. 


Sorry Folks, This is not interactive.  You need to print it and do the exercise until you get it right! 

Download Money Talks - Goals Worksheet.xls

Time and Energy Planner

There is a direct correlation between how we allocate our time and energy and how we spend our money. The stronger the correlation; the more likely our Personal Financial Sustainability. If you are looking for a Personal Financial Sustainability Plan; this exercise is the best foundation for success and it’s fun!

Download Time and Energy Plan.xls

Cost of Housing

The true cost of housing is more than a mortgage payment.  Use this calculator to compare your options and test you assumptions.

Download Cost of Housing - Comparing Options.xls

Personal Inflation Calculator

The impact of inflation varies depending on many factors.  Use this calculator to estimate your personal exposure to inflation.

Download Personal Inflation Calculator.xls

Cash Flow Plan

Use this cash flow analysis for short or long-term planning. Using four categories of expenses helps establish financial priorities.

Download Cash Flow Plan By Categories 2.xls

Revised 8/9/09 Debt Elimination Calculator

Use this excel worksheet to evaluate and create a plan for paying debt. Each time a debt is paid off update your plan to reallocate additional payments until you are DEBT FREE!

Download Debt Elimination Calculator August 9 2009 of Excel.xls